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Business Management


BBA Degree
Duration: 3 years

The business sector in India has achieved quick growth following liberalization. WTO status reveals that it is responsible for almost 1.5% of global trade at present. The curriculum is designed to craft graduates with well-developed business insights and critical thinking and decision-making skills.

The programme emphasizes the development of communication skills, quantitative reasoning and business analysis skills. During the course, the students will gain knowledge of business practices and processes and understand the role of economics in the world market place and acquire awareness of global business issues through latest case studies, seminars & talks by industry stalwarts.

  • Vocational skills and understanding of the hotel environment to enable them to be effective in immediate employment in first line managerial position.
  • An understanding of Industry concepts and encourage independence of thought with which the student will be able to analyze a wide range of hospitality situations.
  • To enable the graduate to communicate with senior managers on Strategic Business Planning issues.
  • An understanding of the importance of personal development and to develop and practice these skills to assist them in a future career.
  • Strategies to cope with change, the programmes personal development skills for students also will allow graduates to manage change with changing environments.
  • Opportunities to gain industrial experience which will allow students to broaden their perspective of the Hospitality Industry.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Brand Management
Duration: 2 years

The Postgraduate diploma in Marketing & Brand Management is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of product branding and marketing communications to improve customer experience and brand equity.

Brand management requires in depth knowledge in consumer psychology, quantitative research and financial modeling. The students will learn how to use marketing and branding to build a strong and enduring business and will gain new insight into the importance and value of a strongly differentiated brand.

Students will acquire conceptual and practical knowledge about branding, and develop qualitative and quantitative analytical skills that are vital for any brand management role.

Post Graduate Diploma in Luxury Management
Duration: 1 year

Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Family Business
Duration: 1 year

Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Logistics & Distribution Management
Duration: 1 year

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